Kleenex has been a household name for decades, offering gentle and reliable care when it matters most. With a wide range of products designed for everyday hygiene, Kleenex has become a trusted companion for millions worldwide. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the unparalleled quality and versatility of Kleenex, ensuring that you always have the perfect solution for your personal care needs.

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    KLEENEX – THE ORIGINAL TISSUES 64 sheets pack of 12


    Kleenex original is designed to offer you very soft and very resistant tissue at a time. Everyday tissues for your whole family. For all the spills, drips, snuffles, and sneezes of everyday family life. Comes with 2 packs of 88 tissues. Extra soft and extra strong, now you get the same number of tissues in packs that are a full third slimmer. So they’re easy to tuck away wherever you might need them around the house

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    KLEENEX BALSAM TISSUES 3ply 64 sheets pack of 12

    • Superior soothing for the toughest cold
    • Contains aloe vera, vitamin E, and calendula
    • Leaves behind a protective balm to give superior soothing
    When we are feeling under the weather, we want a tissue we can trust. Kleenex Balsam Compact Ultra soft single box containing aloe vera, vitamin E, and calendula leaves behind a protective balm to give superior soothing for the toughest cold. The tissues are dermatologically tested. There are 40 3ply tissues per box.
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    KLEENEX EXTRA LARGE TISSUES – COMPACT TWIN 88 sheet pack of 12 (1056 Tissues)


    Meet the bold signpost to mansize tissues. With a dynamic contoured pattern, this contemporary design reinforces Kleenex’s heritage while drawing on inspiration from men’s fashion and grooming. It’s the perfect blend of softness and strength. They are available in singles, twins, and quad packs

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    Whether it’s cold and flu season or the kids are heading back to school, the job of preparing your family is never done. With Kleenex tissues for extra softness and sneeze, the shield helps keep the little hands clean and dry. When you want even more softness, Kleenex ultra soft tissues are there for you with a little extra TLC. Rely on Kleenex tissues for gentle care that won’t rub noses raw