Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Tissue 4 Rolls Pack of 6

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4 Rolls, 241 Sheets Per Roll, 2 Ply. Feel clean, feel confident. Famously soft rolls. Change what you mean by clean today with Andrex Washlets. Use one or two flushable wipes alongside your regular Andrex paper to feel really clean and fresh.

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Andrex wants everyone to feel as clean as possible.

That’s why it is made Andrex Classic Clean even better.

It’s thicker, designed for a better clean and undeniably Andrex.

Good balancing softness and strength, it keeps your family feeling clean and confident.

We recommend using Andrex Classic Clean alongside Andrex Washlets to help you feel cleaner and fresher than using dry toilet tissue alone.

1. Use 3-4 sheets per wipe

2. Wipe from front to back until clean

3. Use 1-2 Washlets to feel cleaner

4. Pat dry with toilet tissue

5. Always wash hands with soap.




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