Byrokko Shine Brown Chocolate Oil Super fast bronzing oil (145 ml)

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Achieve a next-level natural bronze with our 2023 improved BYROKKO™️ formula that enhances tan acceleration, providing deep, rich and radiant sun-kissed color. Magical tanning ingredients are all mixed together in just one bottle that will guarantee you an intense chocolate tan – and it smells just like real chocolate too!
This premium BYROKKO combination of five best oils and vitamin B is a total game changer and a big innovation in cosmetics! It offers a quick, gorgeous natural tan while nourishing and deeply moisturizing your skin.

Unique summer chocolate fragrance

Use in the sun or in sunbeds

Nourishes, smooths, hydrates the skin

Cruelty free


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Byrokko Shine Brown Chocolate Oil

Say hello to our latest obsession, a super fast bronzing oil for attractively tanned skin with a premium BYROKKO™ Shine Brown Chocolate Oil with chocolate scent.

This is one of the best and most wanted products on the market right now! First, it contains all the best oils that nourish the skin and make it darker at the same time. Second, it makes your skin super soft after applying it, and third, its delicious chocolate smell makes you want to eat it! Believe us, when you smell it for the first time, you will be amazed!

We created this oil with the aim of giving people their darkest tan ever without having to spend long hours in the sun. Also, we added lots of foody goodness to made sure the oil hydrates the skin and treats it well. After using it, your skin will be silky smooth, soft, strong and shiny. Byrokko Shine Brown Chocolate Oil is basically tanning oil and skincare combined, which is a win-win, right?

Our ingredients are simple and natural, yet very effective. Those magical active ingredients our chocolate oil contains help build your melanin levels, which speeds up the tanning process and in the end helps you achieve that perfect tan. You get more tan – but more time for doing other things you love! And don’t worry, your chocolate tan will be long-lasting, too.

If you really struggle to get tanned and you’ve been searching for a perfect product for too long, this oil will help you 100 %. You’re just one step away from the tan of your dreams. We assure you that you won’t find these exclusive formulas anywhere else! It is a must have for all sun lovers and a perfect gift for all the people you love.


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