Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump – BPA Free Single Hand Breast Pump (Model SCF430/01), White, Transparent

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  • Comfortable pumping: Philips Avent manual breast pump, BPA-free* portable hand pump for quick milk flow and gentle comfort wherever you go
  • Easy expression: Inspired by the baby’s unique suckling action Natural Motion technology stimulates the nipple to quickly help start your milk flow for feeding
  • Adapts to your nipples: The silicone cushion gently flexes and adapts to fit your nipple for comfortable and effective milk pumping
  • Portable breast pump: The manual breast pump is small and lightweight, meaning it is easy to store and transport, making pumping on the go simple and easy-to-use
  • Set includes: 1 x Expression kit with handle, 1 x 4oz Bottle container

Enjoy the gentle comfort of the Philips Avent portable manual breast pump, relax and sit comfortably while you express – thanks to our design that lets you sit upright, rather than having to lean forward. The Natural Motion Technology is inspired by the baby’s own suckling action for a quick expression, you can easily adjust rhythm and vacuum to your required comfort. Fits practically all nipples with up to 99.98% of all nipple sizes* covered. *Based on: (1)Mangel et al. Breastfeeding difficulties, breastfeeding duration, maternal body mass index, and breast anatomy: are they related?. Breastfeeding Medicine, 26 April 2019, ((109 participants, Israel); (2)Ziemer et al. Skin changes and pain in the nipple during the 1st week of lactation. *Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing, May 1993, (20 participants (Caucasian), USA); (3)Ramsay et al. Anatomy of the lactating human breast redefined with ultrasound imaging, 2005, (28 participants, Australia). *BPA Free breast pump: Only associated with the bottle, and other parts that come into contact with breast milk. Following EU regulation, 10/2011


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