World of Disney Eye Found It Card Game

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Age range (description)Kid,Teen,Adult
Number of players2
BrandWonder Forge

For the 2013 Disney Eye Found It!

Join Mickey Mouse and friends on an exciting race through 12 exquisitely illustrated Disney realms, from Radiator Springs and Alice’s Wonderland to Peter Pan’s Never Land and Winnie the Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood. Throughout the race, everyone searches for iconic Disney objects and gets a chance to say, “I found it!”

Set the clock to 1:00. Once the game starts the clock is ticking and players must work together to get to Cinderella’s castle before the clock strikes midnight. On your turn, spin the spinner and either move, search, or tick the clock forward. If you spin the golden Mickey Mouse ear, it’s time to search! Flip over a Search Card and everyone starts looking for the item on the card. For each item a player finds that is one step forward for all
players. If all players arrive at the castle before the clock strikes midnight everyone wins!

For the 2015 Dreamworks version Dreamworks Eye Found It! (English edition 2015):
Celebrate your favorite DreamWorks characters and find hidden treasures throughout the six-foot game board!

Explore eight exquisite lands inspired by your favorite DreamWorks films! Join beloved characters like Donkey from Shrek, the Penguins of Madagascar, Po from Kung Fu Panda, and many more in a thrilling adventure through the six-foot game board. It’s collaborative fun where together everyone gets to shout, “I found it!”

Shuffle the search cards and put them in a pile face down. Spin the spinner, move the number of spaces indicated, if you get a search follow the card directions, if you get a movie snack take one from the snack pile. Get to the end of the game board to win.


– Different board configurations. The movement track in the Disney game is noticeably longer and more complex (there are 2-3x more spaces on the board in the Disney version).

– The spinner wheel for Busytown is numbered 1-4, so a player moves at most 4 spaces on his/her turn. For the Disney version, the spinner is numbered 1-8.

– Different player count. Busytown is for 2-4 players; Disney is for 1-6 players.

– Busytown has a built in timer. There are food pieces that the pigs are eating. The players must all get to the ferry, which leaves when they all arrive. Then, they go the the picnic island. The more food left, the higher the score. In the Disney version, all the players win or lose.


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